Thursday, 20 August 2015

John Sergeant at Thrupp

John Came to Thrupp while Bones and I were stripping her roof one evening ready for painting. I stopped to welcome him and introduced myself asking if I could be of any help. He was looking for somewhere to moor for the night so they could start the mornings filming with him taking the boat through the Lift Bridge. We sort of agreed to turn a blind eye if he moored on the water point providing he was on the move by eight o’clock. He is a real boater he didn’t turn up until gone nine.

With the good ship Bones

Setting off!


DSCF4073a I was asked if they could used the footage taken of me and her working. The Milly M was on the front near the cottages sporting both the head of Ressusi Annie and my RAF Ensign so that may well make an appearance.


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