Monday, 31 August 2015

Silly little man

Dear old @JeremyHunt says the price of medication should be printed on prescriptions so the sick can see how much their medication costs the taxpayer. He seems to forget that the sick are taxpayers. They pay taxes all through their working lives and into retirement so they don’t have to worry about how much the medication will cost.

Some one will have to put this information into a computer for it to end up on the prescriptions. I wouldn’t mind betting Hunt has a company that can do that for a price that will make our eyes water!

These people in Government have to stop thinking that they GIVE us everything, they don’t. It is our money we have paid for the NHS it belongs to us not them.

The only purpose of this sordid little plan would be to show the taxpayer how much the Phama Cos are ripping off the NHS. What an own goal!


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Anonymous said...

The idea he puts forward is an impossibility anyway.
The Dr prescribes somethingorother, but when you collect your medication you are given the cheapest version of it by the pharmacy.
There is probably a great variation in the prices for the same thing too.
nb Oakfield