Sunday, 27 September 2015

To Leicester and a surprise visitor

So there I was making my way to Leicester. I set off from Lock 26 about 11.30. I stopped at the Navigation pub at Kilby bridge for a roast Sunday lunch. I left there about 2.00. The locks here are hard work for the single hander.

At lock 36 along came a lady who said “Hello”. So I replied as I do “Hello how are you?”

“It is Maffi?”

“Yes of course.”

I know this lady but it took me a while to bring her to mind, I know who I am speaking to but the grey matter doesn’t come forward with the labels

She said, “It’s Nessa.”

I almost shed a tear. “I have something for you,” I said and gave her a big hug. We spoke of Mo.

Mo and Nessa moved back into their house when Mo became ill. Balmaha is up for sale.

We discussed where I was going to stay tonight. I thought above Kings  Lock. Nessa helped me with the lock gate which didn’t want to open. We said goodbye.

It was later as I was nearing Kings it occurred to me that was the first time we ever met, but only in passing. Balmaha was coming out of the lock and I was going in. The last time we met was the time I was stuck in Loughborough two years ago.

I hope we get to meet again sometime soon.


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Carol said...

How wonderful that meeting was between you and Nessa; that you had that opportunity to give her a hug and speak of Mo, something I know lots of us boater would love to be able to do just now as we remember the times we’ve had with the lovely crew of Balmaha. xx