Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Say this!

I sit here and there is so much I want to say. Want and can are two different things. I want to say things, but can I say them?

Am I allowed to say we are being taken over by Islam, NO!

Am I allowed to say we are becoming second class inhabitants of our country, NO!

Am I allowed to say Islam will be the dominant force in this country in 25 years, NO!

Am I allowed to say the expected influx of asylum seekers into this country will herald a new era of rape and violence, NO!

So what am I allowed to say? Anything as long as it is not the truth.

Here goes: Islam is a religion of peace! Ha fucking ha!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Hymalayan Balsam

I see that the IWA have received an award.

The Living Waterways Award

This award is about services to Himalayan Balsam eradication. Now I am no expert in this field but I know something, such as:

Did you know Himalayan Balsam can grow to to 2.5 metres high that’s over eight feet tall. A mature plant can produce 800 seeds all in spring loaded capsules that can project the seeds about 7 metres, about 22 feet. The plant, related to the household Bizzie Lizzie, is only an annual plant, but with it seed spreading ability one plant soon becomes 800 and the next year 64,000 and the next 51.2 million.

This is something we all need to get a grip of. During this  years journey I have passed fields of the stuff along the K&A and on the Leicester Line and what is most annoying is no one seems to want to do anything about it.

Earlier in the month I reported three ‘plantations’ of the stuff in Leicester and the reports never even showed up on the website.

Down on the K&A from just above County lock for about the next 10/15 miles the are thousands of the plants. Most of them are where people regularly walk. What councils need to do is to educate the locals into what to look for and who to report to.

This plant is crowding out our own native species and needs to be stopped. It seems to me there are a lot of plants growing along the rivers and canals, we as boater can do a lot to help. Where we see this virile weed growing we should in the case of small amounts and single plants pull them up. They are shallow rooted but if you find this hard just cut of the upper parts of the plant with a sharp pen knife. It’s an annual so the root system will die off. But before pulling up, cover the flowering part of the plant with a bin liner to prevent the seed pods popping or you will be wasting your time. If the flowers haven’t set then you need not be so careful with the tops. If you do uproot them DO NOT throw the plants in the hedgerow, they might get a hold and keep growing. Bag them and bin them.

If you find large plantations which you cannot handle then call the local environmental department and tell them the location. If you are reading this piece on a smart phone, laptop, or  i-Pad you can google the nearest office.065870_9b89b48dbalsam

Sunday, 25 October 2015


… also at the Swan in Fradley

20151022_132353_resized_1 Just focus on the clarity of the glass!

Friday, 23 October 2015


MP Brian Binley claimed £1,500 a month for three years to rent for a flat that he owned via his company BCC Marketing. This was acceptable in 2005 but the rules changed  in 2006 House of Commons rules now forbid MPs from renting properties from themselves or their companies. Binley knew this because he challenged the ruling and failed, but still he claimed. More a fault of the department that deals with this stuff I suppose because they continued to pay him, but he KNEW it was wrong.

Mr Binley said the rent didn’t even cover the mortgage. Well excuse me but the allowance for second homes is only to cover the interest on the mortgage.

So he erroneously claimed £57,000 from the public purse and was not asked to pay it back! If one of his constituents had knowingly claimed £57 he wasn’t entitled to he would be in jail, why not Binley?

Yet again more sleaze in the  CONservative Party

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Fradely Junction

Sue and Vic arrived at Fradley around lunchtime so we popped off to the pub. After which we raced to the top of Shade House Lock.

Leon’s little secret

On the subject of the missing' files that were supposedly given to Leon Brittan.

"The review, by NSPCC chief executive Peter Wanless, reported last year that there was no evidence to support claims of an official cover-up, but warned it was impossible to draw firm conclusions because of shortcomings in the paper records from the time."

Is there anyone who believes that such files as these, (allegedly) handed to Brittan and supposedly implicating him, were going to do anything else but disappear?

So lets assume the files were handed to Brittan. What would/could he do with them? He could have put them through a paper shredder this would have been the most logical thing to do. Or he could have taken them home.This would not have been smart. If this ever got out and the police were called to investigate then they may well have to search his house. This didn’t happen, maybe because this never got out until too late or there was someone, high up in government, steering the investigation.

So, if your father had just died and while you were sorting through his papers you came across the files, what would you do? I know what I would do and the chances are we would all do the same. And we would all do the same because we just couldn’t bear to have our dear departed fathers memory dragged through the mud. So, what ever the truth of it, are we ever likely to find out the truth?

Academic really because it would appear that a copy of one of the files has been found. Lets hope the finder has had the sense to photocopy it 100 times and send it to all the right people.

The first link in this article  Telegraph  is unfortunately a 404 error  that’s computer speak for ‘missing’, Oh my!

Who would believe…

… that out of shot is a major road?


Wednesday, 21 October 2015


…..can be as easy or as hard as you make it, but in some cases it's just plain stupid!DSCF4695a DSCF4696

Monday, 19 October 2015

Friday, 16 October 2015

Go for the triple!

Three things wrong with this mooring scheme:-

1. The pin has been forced into the hard edge. There are several pins like this in Nottingham.

2, Because it cant be driven right in the stress on the pin and the entry into the ground is high. The pin is already bent.

3, The rope is through the keeper eye and not around the pin.


Thursday, 15 October 2015

Abstaining is not acceptable.

An MP has a responsibility to his constituents. He/She is supposed to represent them in the House of Commons. When there is a vote they are supposed to vote as their constituents would wish them to. The vote is either yea or nay, to abstain is cowardly. To abstain is to let down those who put you where you are today. If you don’t want the responsibility get out of politics.

Abstention says to me, ‘I cant make up my mind’.
Abstention says to me, ‘What do the voters know’.
Abstention says to me, ‘You are not fit for purpose’.
Abstention says to me, ‘If I just keep my head down I can make a lot of money, and have a nice life.

How would you, as a prospective MP, like it if we abstained at the polling booth when you really needed our vote?

Do your job or get out!

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

How much!

I stopped by a lock on my way from Leicester, or was it to Leicester? I thought I would remove this little pile just wantonly placed by a field gate. I fetched my litter picker off the roof of the boat and a bin liner.  Other than several cans and coffee cups there were no less than 22 bags of doggie doo.
DSCF4510 Just one piece of rubbish laid by a gate and every social misfit thinks its a bin.

Sunday, 11 October 2015



I saw this modified sign at Market Harborough. I don’t know whether or not this is genuine, but I think if it is genuine CRT should make an effort to get proper signs made.

I suppose I could understand the selling of 48 hour moorings out of season  but why before the season has ended?

Market Harborough is a very popular location in season and is one of the only places where you can moor on a water point for two days, there being nearly as many water points as there are bollards.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Poo poo pee doo

The day I moored up this wasn’t there! Some inconsiderate dog owner allowed their mutt to dump right next to my pin. Worse they never picked it up. Disgusting people!

Friday, 9 October 2015


If you go to Castle Gardens in Leicester, you will moor on the pontoon outside the gardens. You will use your BW key to get through these gates. There used to be a rising ramp here the full width of the gates. After the fittings rotted the ramp was replaced with this very amateur construction. The gates don’t open properly, although there really is no need for gates that wide. The step does not rise with the pontoon and as such is not a lot of good in a flood.

But all is not lost! While I was there two people in suits were assessing the job and decided that it was not fit for purpose. It needed suits to see that? Hopefully the replacement will be better. I do hope that CRT get the people who built this to do the job for free after all they paid them a whole pile of cash for this lash-up.


PS The map which can be seen on the gate points you to the wrong gate for exiting the park. The correct gate is the next one anti clock-wise on the map. If you have been there before you know the right gate.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Law truly is an ass.

This is Jay Cheshire he was 17 years old.
Jay-Cheshire Jay was a personable young man who had a passion for history. He took his own life! He was accused of rape. Well you might say, ‘Good riddance’.


The girl who accused him withdrew her allegation two weeks after she made it, but even so this lad was absolutely distraught and hung himself from a tree in a local park.

Of course we all now know his name, but no one knows the name of his accuser. The law that protects her as a rape victim continues to protect her as a false accuser. This is so wrong! This law has to be changed.

The Feminist Warriors are strangely quiet about this. Mmm!

Castle Garden

These flowers were still flowering in the gardens in early October.DSCF4491






Friday, 2 October 2015

An odd mile marker

It seems to me rather odd to mark your arrival at destination with a 0 miles post. DSCF4501

Perhaps something like this might be more appropriate.

YEAH Any movement from here is leaving.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Three and a half years for stabbing a Pedo

When Sarah Sands heard that her neighbour was a convicted paedophile she went to his house carrying a large kitchen knife and murdered him. She was sentenced on September 29 to three and a half years in prison for manslaughter.

What ever your thoughts about paedophiles you do not go to their house armed with a knife to extract a confession, and you most certainly do not stab him to death. Carrying a knife is a criminal offence and can attract a ten year sentence.

She stabbed Michael Pleasted, 77, eight times!

I think she should not be in prison. I think she should be in Broadmoor she is clearly unstable, has a skewed idea of her importance in the world and acted because she ‘heard’ he was being investigated. If members of the public are allowed to go about killing people who may or may not be a danger to their children where will it all end.

At no point in the story does it say her children were attacked, but it does say he was being investigated for attacking two young boys. Not her boys just boys.

It is not important what the victim did or didn't do, the fact of this case is the woman committed an act of premeditated murder. She was found guilty of manslaughter. Her beef was the law let him off lightly. So is it not right by her version of the law that she should be incarcerated. At three and a half years she is getting off lightly. She should have had ten years for just carrying the knife. and a further ten for the homicide.