Tuesday, 10 November 2015

All is revealed

Recently the subject of this gate being locked open was raised. Of course leaving it open like this allows cyclists to speed up down the ramp and most would see it as an accident waiting to happen.

I raised the issue of H&S with the local CRT office and receive a semi acceptable answer. Apparently CRT were asked by ‘interested’ parties to lock the gate open. We are talking City Council and Police. The reason was that there had been a spate of muggings at this location, Sheepcote Bridge.

As cyclists were stopping to manoeuvre their bikes through the chicane muggers who were hiding behind the bush leaped out and attacked their unsuspecting victims.

I can see this as a simple short term solution,but what really needs to happen is a couple of things. Increased Police presence police cars crossing the bridge could slow down and shine a torch down the ramp on to the gate area,  and better lighting. At this point the area is next to pitch black,

So in order for the council and police to avoid paying for a solution CRT are required to put pedestrians and boaters in harms way. Will they never learn!



Carol said...

Thanks for the opportunity to comment Maffi. As a commented on fb - Why don’t they (council or whoever0 just remove the bushes?.
Ignore the comments you don’t like, don’t let them goad you. xx

Maffi said...

The bushes would be a start. The lighting needs to be addressed, considering this is in a city the lighting is very poor.