Thursday, 26 November 2015

I was gonna be a star

In another life I was a singer, not famous but quite good. I started singing at school when I was about 6 and never stopped. The head mistress Mrs Jessica Horsbourgh insisted I sang a solo in the school play, I was good. And every time we got a visitor to the school I had to stand up and do my piece, it used to embarrass the hell out of me.
I then progressed on to doing backing with a small rock band when I was 17. Mainly because I couldn't play the guitar. We/they were called Program. If I recall correctly we did one gig, but we practised a lot! I did the art work for our first album cover. Shame we never got a contract it was a good cover.
Then I did nothing until I got my second divorce (39), when I took up playing the guitar that I had owned for some time, to avoid becoming a couch potato. After I had learned my first song I thought 'I can do that' and set about writing. I didn't stop for about ten years.

I did my first solo gig at the Bulls Head in Aston Clinton one year after I started learning to play.

While I was learning I was a member of the local church and did my early gigs there on Sundays. I was a founder member of,
There were 7 of us, we would sing in church nearly every week much to the disdain of some of the choir. Until, that is, we started singing my compositions.
There was Margret & Steve Pay (both Lay preachers) Richie & Roz Palmer (he was an airframe fitter) Brian Ludlow (doctor) and me (lecky) & Sandra White (nurse). We played a few gigs out at other churches and shows etc. Brian's wife, Lady Margret Ludlow, was too busy bringing up the children, of which, they had a few.
After that I was moved to Wiltshire, funnily enough Richie lived there too, and we formed Old Frendz . We only did two gigs and split, but we had fun rehearsing. I still make a point of visiting Ritchie and Roz when I go home. Alas, sadly, I have lost touch with the others. Happy days.
I still own 4 guitars and I still sing and play, but only on my front porch. I write a lot, but not lyrics. Seem to have lost the touch. In my hey day I could write two songs a day.
OK it ain't over till the Fat Man sings.

PS Hard to believe with that hair, I was a Sergeant in the RAF. I still have more hair than is decent for a man of my age.


Julielynne said...

My husband and I also knew Brian and Peggy Ludlow through the RAF and were involved in our local church. They have both gone on to become vicars in the Stroud area of Gloucestershire.

Maffi said...

Oh that's nice to hear. Are you still in touch? Its been over 25 years since I last saw them.

Julielynne said...

I have only seen them a couple of times ( at funerals !) since they left our parish area, but they are still in the same diocese at Rodborough and a couple of other churches I think. Google can provide contact details, I'm sure they would be happy to hear from you.

Mike Griffin said...

Wow! you were a BRAT! Halton has changed a lot, good small museum now.


Maffi said...

Mike I was never a Brat. My first tour at Halton was as a Technical Instructor aged 30 then 38 on the pic I was 41/42 the final two pics I was 45.