Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Phyllis May

This is the boat that went all the way from Stone to Carcassonne and down Indian River. She was burned out a couple of years ago and  and a replacement was sought buy he owner Terry Darlington. She is now back to her former glory.
DSCF4804  DSCF4806


Nev Wells said...

Hi Maffi, hope all is well, I wonder if Terry Monica and Jim are still boating ?

Rose said...

Hi both. When I saw this post yesterday, I looked up Terry and Monica on their web site. There is an undated post from Terry , signing off from the blog , saying he won't be posting very often now, they have sold up. Refers to them now being in their 80s , so guess they've moved on to other things. Jim the wippet died, but they've still got one dog. It says he's happy to answer e mails to his site.
Regards Rose

Nev Wells said...

Hi Rose, thanks for the update, I brought Terry's last book on audible, it is lined up to keep me company in the car after the Martian ! Anyhow sad in some ways I guess but for sure they did a lot more than most in a boat.