Thursday, 7 January 2016


In CanalBoat Magazine this month (Jan) I am quoted as saying:-

"Why not introduce a continuous cruiser license fee? It would seem legitimate to me that those who are continuously cruising the system would cause more maintenance and, therefore, thier use of the system should cost them more in license fees.”

This is of course total bollocks. Over the last 12 years, so before I got a boat, I have campaigned at every opportunity to stop any increases in fees for CCers.

The quote above comes from a blog post I wrote back in November when I quoted one Gary Edwards who wrote this in the previous months Letters page. The post I wrote was just over 800 words long and well recieved. I dont understand why they chose these 40 words to quote. When there was so much more in it they could have used.

This post appeared on FB written by Rob Pearson:-

So Maffi Oxford - is that you I spy in January Canal Boat stirring things with your "Continuous Cruisers should pay more for their licence" ?

I have explained the error on the part of Canal Boat Mag  shown him the post which this was from and asked him to remove the post, which he will not do.

Of course the error will be seen by many many more people and all they will remember is Maffi said…………….


Carol said...

I hope you’re going to ask for an apology etc from Canal Boat magazine. Everyone who knows you Maffi knows that you have never said that.

Unknown said...

If CC'ers have to pay extra shouldn't mariner'ers have to be charged every time they go out onto the canal proper?

Alf said...

What she said !!

Ken and Sheena said...

Sorry to hear that, Maffi. It's a specious argument, and to hear it come from "your mouth" is a great shame. I hope you get a retraction and an apology.

Malcolm Thomas said...

Nobody that knows you will believe you said it but you need to get a Canal Boat to issue a retraction.