Monday, 29 February 2016

Oxford cyclists.

Typical behaviour of the Oxford cyclist. Red lights mean nothing.


There is law and there is LAW

Isn’t it amazing the Michigan State Senate have passed a law making it illegal for two consenting adults to have anal sex. This offence is punishable with up to 15 years in prison. Whilst this particular practice doesn’t float my boat, I think it is no business of the state to decide how people behave together, as long as no one gets hurt, (physically or mentally) in private.

The biggest crime to be perpetrated in Michigan in recent times is the Flint Water Disaster where the fresh water supplies of a huge area have been contaminated by big industry, (I think they call it fracking). And guess what? There is no prison sentence for this crime. Not even a dime fine.

I cant help wondering if these politicians are suffering from a serious case of inbreeding or they are taking back handers from big business. I’ll go with the latter.

Seems there is not one politician worth the cost of a cartridge these days. Maybe they should all be issued with one of these……..


……and tell them to go hunting ‘fags’!

Sunday, 28 February 2016


In Broad Street, Oxford you can see an Anthony Gormley sculpture high up on a roof. Well they say its a Gormely but from that distance it is difficult to tell. Could be a Joe Blogg’s or just a plastic copy. I suppose we will just have to take ‘their’ word for it.
DSCF5255This particular one adds a bit of culture to the Oxford skyline. Nearly all Gormely’s sculptures are masculine are based on himself.

DSCF5274So why is it he always has to flash his nob. I mean its not like it has to be anatomically correct given the stupid nipples which were probably part of the casting process. Maybe!

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Not right!

This is the view from the footbridge that goes to Oxford station, on the left. The area you see is the new road layout that took several months to complete. There are seven roads come into this area so there were a lot of traffic lights.

What is good about it is there are no longer any traffic lights clogging up the pavements.

What is bad about it is there are no traffic lights clogging up the pavements.

Where are the sensory indicators for blind people? There are none. Oxford city council while making the area more modern and people friendly totally forgot about blind people.

Friday, 26 February 2016


…Christmas prezzi was this human skull I found in a shop in Rugely?20151025_133821

(I will never top this!)

Thursday, 25 February 2016


This sign appears on the side of the bridge at one end if OOZELS LOOP in Brum. All the trip boats leaving the loop pass it. I cant help but wonder if they know what it means or who it applies to.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

On the water again

Whenever I set off it is always a rushed affair. Despite doing all I need to do in preparation, fuel, water etc there always seems to be things that escape preparation and planning. It gets to the point where I have to just cast offf and go.

Last year when when I left for the K&A I once again left my keys behind in the water point lock. Doh! Anyway I left Thrupp at 11 o’clock heading north. I thought to moor up in Heyford about 3. Oh I so wish!

The sun came out to herald my departure and I puttered along the canal enjoying the sunshine. My first obstacle was Shipton Lift Bridge. This quaint reminder of days gone by is supposed to be balanced open. However, at this time of the year the bridge deck is wet and heavy. The bridge is permanently down. This is one of the reasons we had lengthsmen, to balance bridges during the year as the weight changes. Of course this is no longer necessary or so the powers that be have decided. I would agree that from a cost effective point of view balancing bridges is not at the top of the list, but whether it is up or down balanced they must be! There is a simple solution to balancing bridges. The problem as I see it is rain water soaking into the bridge deck. Stop the rain and the problem is solved. With a dry deck the balance can be set and left. Well we cant stop the rain, but we can stop the rain from soaking in to the wooden decks. A piece of wood pressure soaked with say, silicone, will not absorb water ergo the balance can be set and left. Is it just me or does this seem like a reasonable (simlpe) solution?

I don’t mind if the bridge is set down as long as the wieght is set so I can lift it and place as pole under it, but yesterday I really struggled, not only to lift it, but to hold it up while I put the pole in place.

Shipton Weir Lock came next. This lock has its own problems. The bottom gate used to be a two paddle gate. Nowadays, since the last gate change, it only has one paddle. This gate is perforated, by that I mean there are big gaps (worn by water) between the planks, the bottom edge doesn’t seal properly either. With the lock full there is almost as much water leaving the lock as there is entering through the top gate. It took me over half an hour (after it appeared full) to open the gate

While waiting I recieved a call from a friend in Thrupp asking me where my keys were? OH NO NOT AGAIN!  I moored the boat up outside the lock and set off back to Thrupp to collect my keys. It was about one thirty by the time I got back to my boat and set off again.

At Pigeons Lock on the bottom gate there the is a ‘CRT aware’ label on the gate handrail. What they are aware of is that the handrail is loose. It been like this for some time. I got out my biggest spanner and tried to tighten it, but no joy the nuts are about 40/45 mil. If anyone is passing with a decent size stilson please try to tighten the nuts (tip: do it with the gate open). If you should manage to do it please inform CRT so they dont waste time/money sending someone to do it.

Above Northbrook Lock the bank has been draped in orange Defra rash for many years and recently the problem has extended along the bank to the the lock mooring where there has been damage from underwash. CRT are on the case and the repairs are almost complete. What I did find most annoying was a boat moored on the lock moorings with no one aboard. Mooring on lock moorings seem to be the norm these days, I  notice it a lot.

My belated arrival in Heyford was well after 5 well over 6 hours!

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Go set a Mocking bird.

Harper Lee award winning author of ‘….To kill a mocking bird’ and lately ‘Go set a watchman’ Has died aged 89.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Yes I am sure!

I find it really irksome when I close a page on the internet a small dialogue box pops up saying  “Are you sure you want to leave this page?” And you cant get rid of it until you click  ‘Yes I’m sure’. You all  know what I mean.

Well recently I clicked ‘Yes’ and another dialogue box popped up asking “Are you really Sure”. Now I dont like the first one. What right do they have to question my decision to close a page that I have decided has nothing I want  to see? This second one really is a pain in the arse!

One day I will be fortunate enough to meet the bastard that thought the second box would be a good idea and If I am lucky I will be holding a firearm and I am going to ‘cap his ass’ to put it in coloquial terms.

Addendum: I have just had a pop up ask me three bloody times if I wanted to leave a page that I never asked for.

Blockage at Sheepwash

No passage from the Oxford Canal to the Thames for the next few days due to a fallen tree. Isis Lock is at the top of the picture to the left, I am standing on Rewley Bridge, behind me is the Old Swing rail bridge. The tree came down Monday night in the high winds.




These people…….

…….really pee me off!!!

DSCF5394Blocking a pedestrian path.

DSCF5380Hat trick! Cycle lane, double yellow, and on the pavement.

20151003_130557A 'double'in Birstal

20160206_140800[1]A note in the window says ‘Broken down waiting for a tow’. Odd really breaking down on the wrong side of the road and the driver nowhere to be seen.

20151006_160639This is simply because no one parks a car like this in a shit street in Leicester. Poncey show off.

Monday, 8 February 2016

It’s coming!

Many people are pissing all over our Democracy and our culture allowing things we find abhorent (rape and peadophillia) to slowly become ‘normal’. What sort of peope would want this to happen? Who would benefit?

Men mostly!

Once the peadophile proclivities practiced by islam are accepted by the the authorities laws will be watered down. Slowly the population will accept what they are told is right because it is part of a religion/culture. This will come about however much you believe it wont.

Of course once the practice of abusing children be comes accepted for religious reasons how long before those in power use the perversions of the invaders to be allowed for everyone so that they themselves can’t be prosecuted.

Wont happen? Remember the Peodphile Information Exchange (PIE)? We have people in government today who supported PIE and got them funding, Government ministers who though they may have apologised, only apologised because they saw their lives going to shit.

You may notice all politicians who get caught, cheating, lying stealing say they are sorry. They are not sorry for what they did but sorry they got caught. There are many high officials guilty of kiddy fiddling who are being protected by the establishment. When peadophiles in islam are accepted then the pedos in power will be able to come out of the closet.

Oh really!


Fecking cyclists!

This weekend I had two altercations with cyclists. At the bottom of Hythe Bridge Street I stopped at the traffic lights to cross. As I stepped out two cyclists jumped the red lights. I shouted at them to stop at the red light and they made it out to be my fault. (Have you noticed cyclists always blame someone else for their failure to obey the law).

Walking along the towpath from Hythe Bridge Street a cyclist rang a bell then asked if he could pass. Without looking I said he could pass on the grass. He purposely rode straight into me pushing me out of the way telling me I should have moved, so again it was my fault. What is annoying is that he had a toddler in a trailer on the back of his bike. I might have pushed him for crashing into me which would have put him in the river, his child as well, and that too would have been my fault.

Now this path has a notice asking people to dismount which is largely ignored. The argument put forward by cyclists is that the notice is advisory.

20160118_165128Now only an idiot would fail to understand that there is obviously a problem with cyclists on this path or they wouldn’t have put up a sign. Yet the ignoramus cyclists chose to ignore the fact that there is danger on this path. I spoke to a lady up the way a bit whose cat was seriously injured by a speeding cyclist and her 8 week old puppy was killed the same way. Despite her protestations she is viewed as a batty old lady (she is several years younger than me). I accept that that the sign may be advisory but by the same token getting out of their way is not compulsory, not even suggested.


The pathway is 1.16m (3’10’’) wide. My understanding of the law is that a pathway has to be 1.8m (6’) wide to be a shared cyclist/pedestrian path, otherwise cyclists have to dismount to pass a pedestrian. CRT needs to get this sorted before someone is hurt.

I think I might carry a ‘D’ shackle cycle lock and next time quickly attach it to a wheel and walk off.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Do what!

One often has to wonder where people get their ideas from. The education budget has certainly been wasted on this mother.


Saturday, 6 February 2016

nb One Old Peculier

The recovery of “One Old Peculier” was completed yesterday. Since about 1 o’clock Monday tihis once fine narrowbat has been straddled across the River Thames at Osney Bridge. Many plans were tried and many plans were abandoned.


There were many gongoozlers and we all had our own opinion of how the boat would best be moved we none of us thought of the final solution.

It couldn’t be lifted out from the bridge because the bridge is old, the boat weighing about 20 tons was full of water which was probably another 20 tons. Due to the reach required a crane would have to be a big one. 

On day one the fire service tried to pull the boat off the weir. All the time the boat was on the weir it was floatring. As soon at the boat was moved back the river pushing on and below the waterline rolled the boat over about 35 degrees and the river flooded the hull. The back end of the hull resting up against the bank sat on the bottom.

On day two the first order of the day was to remove the 30 footer which had also been adrift.


Inital attempts, on day two, to pump it out failed when the pump couldn’t keep up with the inflow of the river.  One has to wonder why they didn’t use both pumps they brought on site.


By Thursday the decision was made to dig out a slip way, in the pocket park, and drag the boat out into the park then take it away on a truck. They started by cutting down the iron fence and then removed a bit of the wall. Then the JCB dug oiut the ramp.


Friday saw the arrival of two big cranes one of which lifted the bow and winched the boat forward on the hard, inch by inch, the other drove into the allotments and was, as far as we could assertain, attached to the stern to stop it being wshed down stream when the back end came off the bank.


There was no way the boat was going to get out unscathed and as it moved across the river off the bank the stern sank.


By the time darkness came the boat was in the park and the equipment was being removed. The boat will be taken away on Sunday.