Monday, 8 February 2016

Fecking cyclists!

This weekend I had two altercations with cyclists. At the bottom of Hythe Bridge Street I stopped at the traffic lights to cross. As I stepped out two cyclists jumped the red lights. I shouted at them to stop at the red light and they made it out to be my fault. (Have you noticed cyclists always blame someone else for their failure to obey the law).

Walking along the towpath from Hythe Bridge Street a cyclist rang a bell then asked if he could pass. Without looking I said he could pass on the grass. He purposely rode straight into me pushing me out of the way telling me I should have moved, so again it was my fault. What is annoying is that he had a toddler in a trailer on the back of his bike. I might have pushed him for crashing into me which would have put him in the river, his child as well, and that too would have been my fault.

Now this path has a notice asking people to dismount which is largely ignored. The argument put forward by cyclists is that the notice is advisory.

20160118_165128Now only an idiot would fail to understand that there is obviously a problem with cyclists on this path or they wouldn’t have put up a sign. Yet the ignoramus cyclists chose to ignore the fact that there is danger on this path. I spoke to a lady up the way a bit whose cat was seriously injured by a speeding cyclist and her 8 week old puppy was killed the same way. Despite her protestations she is viewed as a batty old lady (she is several years younger than me). I accept that that the sign may be advisory but by the same token getting out of their way is not compulsory, not even suggested.


The pathway is 1.16m (3’10’’) wide. My understanding of the law is that a pathway has to be 1.8m (6’) wide to be a shared cyclist/pedestrian path, otherwise cyclists have to dismount to pass a pedestrian. CRT needs to get this sorted before someone is hurt.

I think I might carry a ‘D’ shackle cycle lock and next time quickly attach it to a wheel and walk off.

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