Sunday, 28 February 2016


In Broad Street, Oxford you can see an Anthony Gormley sculpture high up on a roof. Well they say its a Gormely but from that distance it is difficult to tell. Could be a Joe Blogg’s or just a plastic copy. I suppose we will just have to take ‘their’ word for it.
DSCF5255This particular one adds a bit of culture to the Oxford skyline. Nearly all Gormely’s sculptures are masculine are based on himself.

DSCF5274So why is it he always has to flash his nob. I mean its not like it has to be anatomically correct given the stupid nipples which were probably part of the casting proces. Maybe!


KevinTOO said...

How do you know that Anthony Gormley doesn't look like that?? LOL

Quaysider said...

I must admit, having been to see the ones on the beech at Formby/crosby (you'd think I'd remember which given that was the point of the day out) they are a) a bit scary looking... b) a complete waste of time/money and c) made me feel inadequate in the trouser department ;-)

The walk through the woods to get to them was nice enough though...