Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Bad Signal

There I sat in Thrupp on a 14 day mooring. For the first 5 days the internet has been reasonable. I was able to use Mi-Fi on the boat or connect to the TCCC Wi-Fi. Of course TCCC is the prefered option. Both signals were ‘strong’.

However, the next two days TCCC had shut off about 9pm and Mi-Fi at 11pm. Both systems connect, but told me there is no internet. I found this odd. One could be forgiven for thinking that somewhere someone was actually shutting it off.

The pages which don’t open list the things that I should do to check things are OK. I can’t help wondering why whenever the system goes down it has to be my fault. There I was typing away and the net just stops. I had changed nothing, not moved my position, but still the net is off, and it will stay off ‘til tthe next day.

Now I have since been told its the movement of the satellite, which is a load of bollocks. Commsats are geo-stationary (tied in a fixed in position over the earth. They move but only relative to rotation of that fixed point on earth, they might as well be tethered on a long cable like a barage balloon. Alway directly over the ground station.

So why does it just go off? Amospheric conditions? I could believe this if it wasnt that the first five days were bad from an atmospherics point of view. Lots of rain, lots of wind. I have a theory that it is being controlled by the government through companies.

In writing it is said that writing is 3% perpiration and 97% staying off Face Book. Well that may be so, but when the net goes off the numbers reverse 97% perspiration and only 3% staying of Face  Book, because of course you only check the connection occasionally and are able to get on with actually writing. While this may be a good thing, it is so frustrating, especially if you are wanting to look up some facts for that which you are writing. You often end up going to bed early.

If you get up in the night to get a cuppa then you feel compelled to check just in case. If it comes on that the end of your slumbers. You spend the rest of the ‘night’ trying to catch up.

But what really gets to me is that I can always get the 3 site and visit my account there. If there  is enough signal for that there is enough signal for other sites!

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Dave said...

If you can still get to the 3 site but not others its not your internet per se but an issue within 3 not routing your connection through properly.
Its most likely to be an issue with their DNS server.
When you can try changing your dns entries in your browser to use googles or another.