Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Two soakings

I left Northampton today at about 10. Leaving the river through Northampton Lock (17) was not an easy task due to the reeds that had recently been cut and just left in the canal. I didn’t arrive at (16) until 10.45. There I was confronted with an empty pound a mile long. That’'s about 15,000,000 litres of water. Some idiot had left one top gate paddle up and a bottom gate open. This is an odd combination and was probably deliberate.

lock16It is one mile to the next lock

It was over three hours before we started to get moving. Broadsword first then  a couple that arrived after me but I thought better to let them go given that I needed a shower following a trip to inspect the baseplate which was well overdue. The water level was not back to normal and so progress was slow.  I got stuck several times in shallower spots. I stopped at lock 14 to remove the Jumper, long sleeved top, and apron that had got caught around the prop. By the time I made lock 13 I had left Northampton 5 house before. Should I moor up and   try again tomorrow or continue. Well I had a plan which involved arriving in Braunston by night fall Thursday so I carried on. Bad choice because  as I exited lock 12 the rain started and accompanied me most of the way to the top buy the time I moored up I was wet through to the skin. So that’s two soakings in one day. Better luck tomorrow!

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