Sunday, 9 October 2016

Banbury Canal Day

If you’ve not been to Banbury Canal Day May I suggest you try and make it next year. Not only is it a fab day, but it is a fab weekend.

Kate Saffin organises a theatre production in the dry dock at Tooley’s on Friday this includes one of her one woman plays. This year there was also performances by Helen Wastie and Philip Underwood.

This years play was written and performed by Kate about the Idle Women.

Saturday sees the annual ‘Boater’s Bash’ also in the dry dock. 40 or so boaters get together for a …….get together. Fish and chips and bring your own bottle. There is also entertainment in the form of Helen and Philip. Steve Haywood read from one of his books.

Sunday is Canal Day proper. Boats, stalls, fair, etc Kate does short renditions in the the dock, excerpts from her various plays. Helen, Philip and Steve Haywood fill in spaces where they can. Even I read some of my work.

It is a good weekend, not to be missed.

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