Sunday, 11 December 2016

Strat for Sale

This is a left handed Strat. It is made under licence in China. It carries the Fender name under the SQUIER logo. To the best of my knowledge it has an ash body, Maple neck with a rosewood fret board. It sports a CBS head stock (post 1965), Three alnico pick ups. 5 position p/u selector switch, it is built with a tremelo bridge unit but the whammy bar has been lost. The finish is good, but has some chips. I have given it a good clean and fitted new strings. Were I good with varnish the chips would have disappeared also.


I own a genuine USA Fender Strat and can confirm that this guitar looks and feels like the genuine (USA made)article. Playability, I don’t know as I am a righty, but it sure feels good. If it were a righty I would keep it.

The model pictured usually sells for in excess of $260 which I think is about £160. £100 for this excellent low budget guitar is a fair price. Any takers? No case! A small 10/12 watt practice amp can be arranged £25.

The headstock contains the words Standard series, STRATOCASTER, Squier, by FENDER
, s/n CY00073576. Crafted in China.


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