Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Websters

When I was about 13 I started babysitting for a neighbour. The Websters lived one electricity sub station, one Liberty Café, and about 7 houses away in the next road. Nathan was about 2 1/2, Julie was about 1 1/2, Mum would have been about 30. This is Nathan, Julie, and their mum June now, dad Reg unfortunately passed away about three years ago. The last time I recall seeing them was about 53 years ago, but they reliably inform me they were at my wedding 48 years ago. Julie says she remembers me in my RAF uniform so that would have been about 45 years ago. But even so that was a long time ago.

I subscribe to a Facebook page about my home town Mitcham. A girl made a comment that rang a bell with and I asked her if she was Woo (a name her family called her as a baby).  She asked how did I know that. When I explained who I was we said we would meet up when I went down on to the River Wey during the summer.

This was us when we met in September. Nathan had arrive back in the UK only a few days before from Australia. Julie and June live in Epsom I think. It was so nice to see them after all this time.


Saturday, 28 January 2017

Fradley Swing Bridge

No sorry, but this is a wasted sign. If you want to get to the other side of the bridge of course you have to open it (we’re not stupid). No boater ever made this sign.

The sign would be better if it said,

  Children MUST not PLAY on the BRIDGE


Friday, 27 January 2017

The Four Loves



DSCF2550This chap was not the only one I watched trespassing on the school field. Another couple with 3 dogs and 2 children also ventured on to the field. When the lad said “Dad there’s a sign”. His dad replied, “It doesn’t matter”.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Fly tipping

Last year December 2015 I reported this to the local council. Its builders rubble, plasterboard! I took this picture a week ago, so it would seem the council have done nothing. Just on the left you can see the water in the Monument Wharf. It was a nice place to moor and I have seen several boats moored there. Now the water attracts junkies and drunks.

Now you might assume that CRT should be cleaning up the mess, but apparently the ground and the water belongs to the council. So they have no excuse.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A Sad Day

Les Biggs
March 19, 1948-January 24, 2017

Sad to say Les has swung his last windlass in this life.

The bluebird of happiness

"Because my boat has sailed from sight, it does not mean my journey ends, it only means the river bends." ~Anon




Sorry, but I am really getting pissed off with CRT. Those people who need to know about CRT, know about CRT! All others probably don’t give a shit. How much do all these new signs cost? Every where I go there are signs of all sizes extolling the virtues of the canals.


This sign now adorns the island in the centre of the canal junction outside the Barclay Card Arena. This most certainly didn’t come cheap. It is pointless. It appeared just before the Tory party conference last year. Oh there’s novel.



It fucking litter!


Friday, 20 January 2017

On the Shroppie.

You need to look hard to see the bridge.20161220_124156


I am sure we have all at sometime wondered who to contact when we see something wrong in our area. Well now there is a ‘Problem Central’ where you can report all manner of problems that need fixing. Its online and is called FIX MY STREET. Anyone can report a problem. When you report a problem the council or relevant authority knows within minutes or at night the very next morning.

I report many things, my local council removed a dead fox from the road near where I had a mooring, various road defects have been fixed,  but my best effort was to get a fence built to stop cars parking on a grass verge outside a Co-op and turning it into a mud puddle.

Everyone can make a report just by clicking the logo in the right margin here. Or see the www. address in the poster below. Before reporting aa problem ask yourself can I fix this myself (litter etc) if not get in touch.

Be a good citizen report problems and get them fixed.


Thursday, 19 January 2017

On the Old Main Line

I first came down the Old Main Line in 2006 just after I got my boat. At that time this hut had recently been refurbished. I remember it well. Exactly what was to happen to it was uncertain, but it was again pristine. History tells the story. It would seem its purpose was to fuel the tiny minds of the local ‘bastards’ who had, at this time, never done shit worth spitting on (and probably still haven’t). One night some time after my visit the mindless arsonists set fire to it. There was no rhyme nor reason they just set fire to it. There was no consideration for all the hard work that had been put into its renovation. They just torched it. Selfish little bastards!

Is it any wonder it just sits on the side of the lock looking dejected and hasn’t been refurbed again?


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Love Locks

This is a utilitarian padlock. It is attached to the bridge across the canal to the Mailbox.

I believe this practice started in Paris. It has become the norm for lovers across the world to attach a padlock, with their names engraved on, to the structure of bridges everywhere signifying their eternal love. The key is then tossed into the water. It has become so common they now make padlocks heart shaped for the purpose.

There are hundreds of them. In Paris there were so many that they affected the stability of the bridge and all had to be removed.

DSCF2748Of course there is always a joker. This is the back of the utility padlock from the first picture!