Wednesday, 15 February 2017

This is not.….

…..just a few inconsiderate people, this is a Regiment of Inconsiderate Bastards who all live in the same community. People who do not deserve to live in nice areas. People for whom a Nissen hut is too good! The RIB should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

The first two pictures of rubbish I reported in November 2015 the day after it was dumped! Birmingham Council need a rocket  where the sun don't shine. There is no excuse for this level of incompetence.

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Cut and Rune said...

I am in total agreement with you about the people who dump this crap but I fear that this is going to become the Britain of the future. All very well reporting the stuff the Birmingham Council but without the funds to do important stuff like elderly care I wouldn't think that clearing rubbish dumped by lazy residents is very high on their list of priorities any more. It is fairly simple really, if the Councils aren't going to get the money to do the work, the work wont get done and we will all suffer for it, they call it 'austerity'.

Mike Griffin said...

So Sad - 21st Century Urban Sculptures..........

No excuse though.

Have you heard, the RAF are closing RAF Halton by 2020.


Maffi said...

Heard something but they still cant sell it