Saturday, 20 May 2017


After reading this article in the Mail Online about Bridget Bardot I made an entry in the comments page, “So lets see if I understand this a French woman get vilified in the courts for telling the truth.” or words to that effect.

Two people who read my comment ‘liked’ it (see below).


I clicked on the link again to see if there were any other comments in the pipeline. I was confronted by this (see below) on the comments page. I don’t mind that they are no longer taking comments, but I do mind that they deleted the two comments that were there.

It irks all the more because the Mail is not conversant with the TRUTH!


111111111 said...

Are you really surprised Maffi? It's the Daily Mail; what were you expecting? Of course it doesn't tell the truth, and of course it applies censorship.

More importantly, what were you reading the Mail online for anyway? Surely you've more interesting things to do.

All the best

Maffi said...

No I am not surprised.
I was expecting nothing less.
I know it doesn't tell the truth I said as much.
Because I have freedom of choice.
And as to 'more interesting things to do', you are reading my blog people in glass houses and all that! :)