Monday, 4 June 2018

I voted out

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I received the above text on my blog management page. I do not get it I VOTED OUT I will no longer submit to the whims of a bunch of self seeking bastards in a foreign country. The BILL OF RIGHTS says in plain English I do not have to submit to any laws made after our government has surrendered our sovereignty to a foreign power. Nuff Sed!


Frank said...

Glad to see you posting once more.

But not for the first time, I don't understand!

Surely the government is trying to get our sovereignty back?

Whether the "self seeking bastards" are in London or in a foreign country matters little to me.

Of course, technically I am a foreigner myself, I've only been here since 1959.


Jim said...

Well we aren't out yet, so EU regs still apply. The way things are going we will still be following EU regs for years to come, but without any say in what they are. That's not what I voted for and I bet it's not what you voted for either, but we aren't being allowed a say on what happens next.

Maffi said...

Jim sticking to EU laws now is flogging a dead horse The democratic decision say we are out. As far as I am concerned we are out. The problem is the EU is dead but it wont lay down. OUT is OUT. Anything other than OUT is IN.

Maffi said...

Frank, Cameron never believed for one minute we would vote out. When we did he lost his bottle and buggered off. May took over. She is a remainer. A large section of her cabinet are remainer traitors. Do you really think she is doing her best for the 17.4 million who voted out.