Monday, 4 June 2018

So far this year.

Well lookee here. The Old Maffster is writing again. There was a time when I would not go to bed unless I had written something. These days I write little having no inspiration.

I have been here, in the Oxford/Thrupp area, for some months. A minor problem I had with my ticker at the end of last year resulted in several visits to the JR hospital until I got the all clear.

Since Last august I have been having trouble with my heel. this emanated with a spur right at the point where the tendons atached to the bone. If you have ever had this you will know it feels like walking on a drawing pin. If you have never had it just hope you never do. I was refered to the hospital on January 12 it is now June and I am still waiting.

Then following a family phone call I made contact with a table and seriously injured my Ulna collateral ligament in my thumb that took 8 weeks to heal sufficently to be able to move my boat.

Up to this point I had been moving sowly up and down between Oxford and Thrupp to comply with the CC rules so I could attend doctors and hospitals. Then being properly 'single handed' I was unable to move the boat at all. My friend helped me to a mooring where I could easily get on and off the boat and we spoke to CRT who in there best charitable voice told me to stay. When I was able to move I travelled slowly up to Thrupp.

So this week, Thursday, I set up to leave Thrupp all I need was a quick check up at my Doctors for a shortness of breath problem I had been having. Doctor wasnt happy and by 12 o'clock I was in the JR having more tests in 5 hours than I had had in the last 50 years. I was given the all clear by the time I left the JR at 5 pm. As you can imagine this curtailed my leaving on Thursday. I finally got away on Saturday.

Being the kind chap I am I stopped to tie up a boat that had the pins pulled. Whilst getting ropes out of the water my wallet fell in. I made a grab for it and managed to catch it befor it sank beneath the water, but in doing that my phone fell out of my pocket and sank. I was so pissed off it was the third phone I had had since October (broken glass).

I spent a night at the Quarry with friends and moved Sunday.

I am now at Lower Heyford for a few days before further travels to northern climes or maybe southern climes who knows, I will keep you up dated.


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about all your trials and tribulations, it sounds a bit like the story of Paddy & the barrel of bricks.

We hope all your troubles are behind you now and hope you can enjoy the summer boating.

We are up at Sawley at the moment, who knows if our paths will cross.

All the best from Chris & Joy

111111111 said...

Welcome back Maffi.
The heel thing is indeed very painful, I've had it and you have my sympathy. If it's any comfort, then it will just disappear in time. Maybe 6 months or so. I didn't believe it at the time, but for me it was true. There's a lot about "spurs" on the internet, but I guess you know that already.
Take care

Sue said...

Oh dear, so sorry to hear all about this. I am pleased however that you are in an area where you have a lot of friends to help out. Knowing you you won't let this beat you but do take care with what you are doing there are people out there that care about you.. xx