Tuesday, 20 November 2018

University Bullshit

There was an interesting story in the Oxford times today. The University has purchased the city’s only all female social accommodation at Farndon Court on the Woodstock Road. The current occupants of the 97 room building were given two months to find somewhere else to live in October, which makes them homeless just before Christmas.

Now students need accommodation, I don't deny that, but the University doesn’t have to use bullshit to cover up what is a most appalling situation.

A spokesperson for Oxford university said, “We have decided to buy Farndon Court in order to provide accommodation for 100 post-graduate students, which in turn will ease the burden on Oxfords rental market”.

Me, I don’t see how making 100 people (young women) homeless just before Christmas is easing the burden on the rental market.

OU seems to be riding roughshod over the city, as they always have. They have the land and money to build their own accommodation, they have enough pull to get plans accepted and not effectively steal accommodation from Oxfords ‘indigenous’ population.

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