Thursday, 17 January 2019


Have you ever heard of Serco-Mears?  No neither had I until just the other day when it was announced that they have just been awarded a government contract worth £2.9 billion pounds. Now it’s bad enough that the government is giving £2.9 billion to a company not many have heard of, but the purpose will stun you.

This contract is for the purpose of building homes for ‘asylum’ seekers! Outsiders! Now I don’t want to seem uncaring, disingenuous, or perish the thought RAAAAAAACIST, but when was the last time the government gave £2.9 billion to a house building project for social housing to house our homeless or ex-service or those trapped in sub-standard private accommodation? NEEEEEEEEVER!!!

OK on top of that If the company gets 10% profit that’s £290 million, let me put that better way,


And you can bet they get more than 10%


Tom and Jan said...

It's a consortium of Serco and Mears. Interestingly Serco lost the accommodation contract in Scotland to Mears because of Serco's actions in trying to evict failed asylum seekers from provided accommodation.

Cut and Rune said...

I think you'll find that Serco and Mears are two different companies. If you haven't heard of Serco you have obviously been well out of the loop for a long time since they provide Border Security and immigration detention centres (how they have got this contract), Work and Pensions 'helpline',UK train systems (with Abellio),maintenance of the early warning systems at Fylingdales (along with maintenance of a whole load of RAF bases), Air traffic control (Coventry airport) and a load of NHS contracts. Still you have never heard of them?

Jim said...

Firstly, "Serco" and "Mears" (actually Mears Group) are two separate companies. Secondly the money is payable over 10 years and thirdly, and most importantly, it is to run and maintain existing accommodation and provide support to refugees.
What would you do with them? Leave them on the streets to starve?
Yes, our government should be doing more to help our own homeless people, but what do you expect - they are Tories.

Maffi said...

Ask me if I care! In the piece I read it said Serco-Mears.

Yes I have heard of Serco.

And as for "what would I do with them" "Leave them on the street to starve" its no more than we do to our own, what's the big deal! Get off your high horse!