Sunday, 14 April 2019


The internet is a fabulous tool. What spoils it is every entity on the net wants to play by different rules. I am sick and tired of trying to find out which programs connect with others. I am sick and tired of finding out that I can do this through that program, but not that. That I can do those things over here, but not them over here, that this picture can fit in here but not this one. For fuck sake get it sorted!
Until we have total connect ability all we have is a cute toy! I gave up toys over 60- years ago!!!!!!

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Tom and Jan said...

Maffi Large software manufacturers develop 'API's. An API is a piece of software which allows different programs to communicate with their own software. Analogy, my program understands english but I have an API which allows any other language to communicate with me.

Google has re-written their API because they have changed their software (deleted programs like Picasa and Google+, etc). The owners of other software now need to modify their own software to have it use the new Google API. Open Live Writer is maintained by volunteers so we need to wait for them to do this (we hope they will) in order to use OLW with Google Blogger. OLW will work with other blogging sorfware (eg, Wordpress) because they haven't changed their API.