Saturday, 12 October 2019

Open Live Writer

Well there I was I wrote a post. Sue NPXL assured me that Open Live Writer has now fixed its problems and indeed she while I was with her on NPXL she did a test post, it worked. So I downloaded the new version of OLW and typed away. When I was happy with my missive I pressed 'Publish' the publish window appeared briefly then was lost. I checked with the blog and my post was nowhere to be seen. I tried several times and Nada Zip Zero Nowt!

If anyone knows what I need to do for the god of Blogger to make this right please be my guest.

I know what you are thinking, but I am writing this in Blogger not OLW.


Tom and Jan said...

Maffi OLW is working fine for me. I'm using version
Did you carefully delete all of any earlier versions before installing the latest version?

If you open OLW and click on the 'File' option on the menu bar and then select the 'About Open Live Writer' option a pop-up window appears showing the version. Also, in the bottom left corner of the popup window there is a 'Show Log File' link. clicking this will take you to the log file location. Click on the file named Open Live Writer.log to load it and see if there are any problems recorded which may assist in getting your issue resolved.



Tom and Jan said...

Maffi I've replicated your problem and resolved it. see my blog post for instructions. This will also upgrade OLW to