Saturday, 30 November 2019

Open Live Writer

Ok so now I have the answer. It is not the answer I wanted but it is the right answer. Blogger is Google based. Google currently do not recognise OPL. End of story!

Tuesday, 19 November 2019


I spent several weeks under the Langford Locks Bridge during the summer as mentioned earlier in a previous post. While I was there I took a dislike to the god awful graffiti on the walls. However I made an effort to change the scrawl. NO its not  da Vinci or Picasso or even Dahli, but it is different and more important it covers up some of the crap!

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Ooo er!

All this having a woman around is taking its toll. I made a herb box in the summer. Even Molly is disgusted with me!

Saturday, 16 November 2019

New for old!

I found this table all old, battered, and dejected at Annie's. It belonged to Gilly. I swapped it for a bottle of Prosecco. While I was doing my roof it was my paint table. It got a bit more messy, but never mind an hour with the sanding block and a couple of coats of varnish and it came up proper nice. This is now the summer dining table.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Fake Shit!

This graph was shown on TV by Professor Brian Cox during a programme about Climate Change. He put it forward as proof of Climate Change. It is a well known NASA graph (its on their site). It is well known for being fake shit. To Climate Change protesters this is part of the Holy Grail of ‘facts’. It was produced sometime after 2008.

This is the ‘original’ also on the NASA site. It was produced before 2008. Don't just believe me look it up!

Thursday, 14 November 2019

All in a days life on the South Oxford

The Cherwell is seriously flooded. Most fields bordering the canal are full of water. The stop lock at Shipton is locked shut, early for the time of year I think. Here at Lower Heyford the canal level is quite high. A boat past the lift bridge  ‘Humble Bumble’ has sunk. The river at Aynho Weir Lock is well high. And the river flooding into the fields is flooding back into the canal further down.  In Banbury there is an oil spill possibly coming from behind the Alcan factory and collecting in and below the town lock.
I forgot to mention, here at Heyford we have Otters. There are 4 pups and of course mum and dad.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

My Fault?

We all have our own ways of doing things, its what makes us who we are as a boater. As a single handed boater I find it easier to gently present myself at the bottom gate, very slow and just nudge the gate. I then leave the engine gear.

I go up and lift the paddles and when the lock is empty the boat pushes its way into the lock. As the gate opens I drop the paddles then go hop on the boat and bring it to a halt inside the lock resting against the Babby plate with the engine in gear.

After closing the gate I lift the top paddles, watching the front of the boat all the time, until the boat pushes its way out of the lock. Dropping the paddles while the boat is moving out I then jump on the boat and as the back end passes the gate I give it a blast of forward then select reverse tick-over.

I now have time to get off the boat close the gate and wait for the boat to come back before hopping aboard and going on with my journey.

It is simple. It is not dangerous. It is efficient.

And then along comes Joe Hirer. Joe knows all about boating. He's been doing it for a whole week. After working his boat through Northbrook lock he decided to open up the bottom paddles despite, on this occasion having my own crew,

Fortunately this wasn't a problem, but I did brief my crew that at the next lock she was to refuse his help. This she did by saying at the next lock, ”Its OK I have got this.” Macho man Joe ignored her and cranked up the paddle whilst my crew was crossing the lock gate, then walked off!

I was only a few feet from the gate going slowly. The effect of him banging up the paddle was to lift me up and I surfed ‘crash bang’ into the gate.

I was pissed as you may imagine. Once the boat settled down I stepped off the boat to have words. I started by saying, “I appreciate your help but…… When I explained what he had just done he first off tried to blame the crew. When that didn't pan out he said it was my fault because I was too close to the gate. Why is it my fault? I didn't ask him to interfere.

I left with an “In future worry about your own boat”, to his repeated echo that I should learn to drive a boat.

Why is his interference MY FAULT!

I wish all boaters would learn when they are out of the lock it is now my lock. More important it’s my boat!


In the past year or so I have been traveling to France for my holidays. Whilst there I have been enamoured by the system they have for recycling. Those of you who know me will be aware that I am an official womble having collected something like 14 tons of rubbish from the towpath in the last 8 years. So you can see I would be interested in more efficient ways of clearing up.

These boxes are the recycling centre for the streets where I holiday. They are only emptied every couple of months, which might seem not often enough given the size, but if you look they all stand on a 6 foot square.
Come emptying day the truck arrives and using a Hiab crane they lift the box by the ring on the top. This is connected to a 6x6x6 foot steel box under ground. This is then unloaded into the truck. What a neat idea. Its about time we had this system here in the UK.

Friday, 1 November 2019


Took this out of the 5.5 on the way from the Coventry basin. Nice but no use to me.