Thursday, 14 November 2019

All in a days life on the South Oxford

The Cherwell is seriously flooded. Most fields bordering the canal are full of water. The stop lock at Shipton is locked shut, early for the time of year I think. Here at Lower Heyford the canal level is quite high. A boat past the lift bridge  ‘Humble Bumble’ has sunk. The river at Aynho Weir Lock is well high. And the river flooding into the fields is flooding back into the canal further down.  In Banbury there is an oil spill possibly coming from behind the Alcan factory and collecting in and below the town lock.
I forgot to mention, here at Heyford we have Otters. There are 4 pups and of course mum and dad.


Nev Wells said...

Coming north for your birthday ...?

Maffi said...

Nice idea but I think thats a saver for next year.