Wednesday, 25 March 2020


Many years ago, when unattended car parks became a thing (1959/60 in my town), you could pay for a ticket for two hours and if you came back early you could pass the ticket on to another driver. The legality of this was doubtful but, using the man on the Clapham omnibus approach, it would seem logical that the parking space was paid for so what does it matter which car was occupying the space. 

The councils, however, had a different approach, the Dick Turpin Approach, and they said the tickets were not transferable between vehicles. People still would pass on a ticket with 'time' on it. This irked the councils very much, they wanted every car that entered a car park to buy a ticket There were two probable answers. One would be the right solution, one would be the wrong solution.

The right solution would be to have all car parks Pay On Exit. That way you would only pay for the time you occupied space in the car park, This would be beneficial to the driver but not to the council. The reality is its the only honest way to charge for parking. Anything else is just Highway Robbery!

Now the system used by the councils is the one that dis-advantages the driver the most. Pay On Entry is legalised robbery. When I go into a car park I never know how long I am going to be. There are confusing instructions in several places on the board. Then there is the confusing vertical keyboard, not only confusing because it is not what people are used to (QWERTY) but also because it is at the wrong height/angle and the letters are difficult in contrast (yellow on the silver buttons. This shouldn't be a problem, after all whats a mistake here and there, but if you do make a mistake entering the Reg No of your car you can get fined!

The confusion of the keyboard is a real pain. They are well aware the keyboard is confusing, and I say this because on the instructions where it says "use the keyboard to input your reg no" there is a picture of a QWERTY board. 

Added to all this if you don't complete in a specified time the transaction is aborted, yet when the transaction is complete it takes ages to deliver your ticket!

We shouldn't have to put up with this daylight robbery. It has to stop.

not easy to see but this is the QWERTY icon