Friday, 27 August 2021

Today I posted a pic of Biden's son with a child (10ish) in in skimpy underwear more suitable for a woman. I was banned in 10 seconds! 

FaceBook obviously think this is OK!

FB are totally unable to understand that the first amendment protects freedom of speech!

Monday, 23 August 2021

 Saturday, as you will all know, was very wet. I have never seen it this wet!

Sunday, 1 August 2021

I Learned About Boating From That!

Now I know we are not all perfect, me especially, but the difference is I generally PAY ATTENTION all the time. Though there are not many people in this world who would own up to snagging their bow exposing their propeller and then cilling it in the same lock, and all that whilst going up! I am he. And to highlight there can be a danger even to long standing boaters I wrote about it somewhere here and and put a link on FaceBook.

In Napton a few years ago while delivering a boat. I saved a boat from sinking. If there is water coming through your front door and you are rolling a fag you are just not paying attention. Now say thank you, I just saved your arse, because I was paying attention! I shut the bottom gates, I opened the top gates to sort out the problem you were not paying attention to. I am sorry your gearbox destroyed itself, but that was nothing to do with me saving your arse!

Boating is fun! But if you dont pay attention it can be a disaster. I worry  because I understand that boating is dangerous, others don't.

Monday, 14 June 2021

Dashwood Lock

 One again it seems that CRT are only fixing shit that has totally failed instead of fixing stuff before it has a chance to fail and cause mayhem!

It must be 3 maybe 4 years since I sent CRT pictures of damage to Dashwood Lock. I sent CRT a picture of the damage and a picture of the lock name plate, which as it happened was actually a BW sign! On my return I observed that the damage had not been repaired, but the BW sign had been replaced with a CRT sign. What kind of idiots are more concerned with corporate image than actually doing the job they are paid to do?

Had CRT acted 3 or 4 years ago when they knew the problem existed then maybe they would have a better understanding of the problems! Instead of pissing about faffing over signs.

Wednesday, 26 May 2021

It seems heroes are 10 a penny.

Anyone know who this is?
It's strange how the British media haven't given him a mention. If you're interested...he is PC Keith Palmer. He was murdered on 22 March 2017, by a Muslim extremist. I find it strange that a guy who put his body on the line to save not only his colleagues, but innocent tourists who were nearby, hasn't even had one mention on mainstream news. RIP PC Palmer 😪 Copied from Avril Evans

Monday, 24 May 2021


The plans for the refurb of Kilsby are ongoing. This month it spent time in the dry dock getting a survey. The results were promising. 

Some members of the Oxford Canal Trust appeared last week to inspect the hull and discuss the next stage.

The hull is going back in to the dry dock in October to be 'slippered' to replace the wooden bottom with a steel shoe. 

The the back end, which seems not to be original is very poorly constructed, will be mostly replaced. 

The good news is the engine bearers are in excellent condition! 😂😂😂😂

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Did the fat lady sing!

And so Derek Chauvin was convicted as I had predicted. We can say he was guilty because a jury of his peers listened to all the arguments and determined on the evidence presented that he was guilty. No 'might be guilty', 'think he is guilty', or 'on the balance or probability' Just straight forward guilty.

Then out comes the story that one of the jurors a Brandon Mitchell said, after the trial, that he had been stopped a couple of dozen times by the police for no real reason. Now I may be a thicko, but how can that trial have been fair when at least one of the jurors was biased against the police!

He, the juror, also LIED about attending a BLM protest.  Chauvin's hope of appeal was boosted after picture emerges of Mitchell at BLM rally wearing 'Get Your Knee Off Our Necks' T-shirt despite telling court he'd never been on a march.

Brandon Mitchell was one of 12 jurors who convicted Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin of  the second-degree murder of George Floyd last month. Mitchell, a 31-year-old black man, was photographed on social media attending an August 28 protest in Washington, DC at which Floyd's relatives spoke. Mitchell is seen in the photograph wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Martin Luther King Jr and the words 'GET YOUR KNEE OFF OUR NECKS' and 'BLM'. He is also wearing a baseball cap embossed with 'Black Lives Matter'.
Mitchell acknowledged being at the event and that his uncle posted the photo, but claims he doesn't recall wearing or owning the shirt or cap. Mitchell said he answered 'no' to two questions about demonstrations on the questionnaire sent out before jury selection. Legal experts say the revelation will likely be brought up on appeal by Chauvin's attorney, Eric Nelson, who will argue his client was denied impartial jury.

We have at least one man who perjures himself and suffers severe memory loss. And he was supposed to be one of Chauvin's peers? How many more of the jury will come forward with similar stories!

So it ain't over yet!

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

And away we went!

Well I completed my little tripette. I went all the way to Gayton and back. Not very far I agree, however the Good Lady Bones could only boat at weekends so I was there as security during the week. There was no illegal activity happening here One is allowed to move house. That is exactly what we did, move a narrowboat home to a new location. My part was also legal in that the person moving house can have assistance. MoI!

I took the trip to Gayton and others arrived to continue on to the new mooring. It's fab to have friends. 

The NB Bones on going to Braunston 'twould seem the fuel tank needed a good clean out. This was projected by the sudden stopping of the engine about two miles out. I towed her into berth near the marina. I find it odd that Mort Bones was glad that I towed her in! I couldn't possibly countenance leaving her where she stopped. I am a gentleman, so I am told, and I could not have been party to leaving her there in no mans land!

During the week the tank was cleaned and the boat readied for the weekend journey up the flight through the tunnel and down the Buckby flight, we finally stopping at Weedon (1 day) Stowe Hill (two days) and Gayton! We would wait at Gayton until the river was OK! 

 The return journey was FAB!

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

That Floyd Bull

There cant be many who missed the events in America last May. It changed us for ever. It made us less. The story that was put out by the press was a pack of falsehoods. Lets start with the infamous picture of Officer Chauvin with a knee on Floyds neck. Why is this picture so tightly cropped? It is to highlight the knee on the neck, but it doesn't do that. What it shows is that Chauvin's knee is not on Floyds windpipe. Floyds spine and neck muscles would prevent him from asphyxiating, No this picture is cropped so you do not see what is happening around Chauvin. 

The reality is that four officers were involved in this arrest. Chauvin didn't have to kneel on Floyds neck with any force as there were officers on his legs and back stopping him from moving. Yeah ya dont believe me. So lets look at this picture from a different point of view!

Totally different isnt it? The previous picture was cropped to hide the other officers in the arrest. Chauvin didn't have to apply excessive pressure because officers Thomas Lane and Alexander Kueng had the upper hand. Chauvin was holding Floyds head down to stop it flailing about!

A few facts most people ignore. George Floyd was not murdered. GF was passing dud money. Not just the $20 bill from the shop but when officers arrived GF was stuffing forged money down the side of his seat to hide it from the police. GF was dying before the cops arrived on the scene. GF lied about taking drugs to the officer. Had he told the truth the officer may well have called an ambulance straight away.
BEFORE GF was put on the ground, at his own request I might add, he said “I cannot breathe”, 7 times. The officer, Derek Chauvin, did not, repeat louder DID NOT do anything illegal. The neck restraint method was at that time part of his training and still in the training manual on that day. GFs body contained 3x the lethal dose of Fentanyl plus other drugs, he was dying. He would have died by nightfall had the feds not arrived. The Press told lies about what happened and who he was as a person, loving father and all that crap. Then the world exploded! All of the riots across America and indeed across the world were the fault of the Press fanning the flames. GF was a violent criminal drug dealer, he held a gun to a pregnant woman’s baby bulge, he had a long rap sheet and the world went into meltdown over a piece of shit.. The world honored this worthless piece of crap and we are all less because of that.

Saturday, 13 March 2021

A simple emergency!

Here I am moored just below Lock 15 at Marston Doles above Napton on the Oxford Canal. On Tuesday I took a walk down to the bottom lock to get rid of my domestic rubbish. I didn't realise it was a tad over 2 miles one way which meant I then had a 2 mile hike up hill to get back to the 'Milly M'. Going wasn't too bad its down hill, but coming back was a bit of an effort!

On Wednesday @1800 I started to feel a bit odd. My pulse started to race. I dont mean just speed up a bit I mean raaaaaaace! I got out my BP monitor and checked my BP Systolic 169 Diastolic 97 Pulse170 bpm. 

Text book figures are 120/80 and below 100 bpm.

Mmmm, thought I that's not right so I checked it again, it was similar so @1806 I sent this picture to my good friend Dr Bones with the message 'what do you think'. She came back with, "Seek medical help and call Dr Kate.......unless it's the dog."

Well I called 111 @1809 I was lucky there is almost no signal here but they picked up and entered in to a diatribe of recorded messages and button pressing. After the sixth button press I thought I don't have time for this so I hung up and called 999 @1815 and explained the situation and the said they would get a Clinical Tech to call me which they did @1855.  I again explained the situation and after a discussion of the fine details they said they would send an Ambulance. 

Well it was over two hours after my first concern before they arrived. I didn't worry I was in an awkward place and I knew not to worry and get stressed lest I should exacerbate the situation.

The Paramedics arrived about @2020 with more gear than I could carry, on a good day, and proceed to stock my boat with bags of tech/med kit. There is a pinch point in the kitchen that is 9". One of the girls was a bit embarrassed that she couldn't get through with out a struggle. I assured her that I had a friend who made her look like Twiggy that managed it with a struggle.

The girls set about their business checking and recording everything. In this situation it is a bit embarrassing for me because after 2 hours it had mostly calmed down. The 'best' they got was 146/88 66 bpm, which given I normally read high on the systolic measure was not a real cause for concern.

We discussed the situation and decided that they would take me to hospital if I wished or I could call my GP in the morning. Given my view of the whole picture I decided to go with the latter option as I couldn't leave my Molly dog on the boat all night. 

They were amazed at my calmness given my initial worries, as I was, but over the last 9 years I have been counseling a bereaved chap of my acquaintance and I have seen what stressing over stuff has done to him, and still does, so I am a bit more prepared to stay chilled than most.

Epilogue: On Thursday morning I tried contacting my GP to no avail. On Friday I did manage to contact the surgery and booked a call back from the GP. However the signal being bad after several attempts we gave up. Why am I telling you this? Well there is a very obvious problem for people who are not in the 'phone zone' getting help if needed. Why is this so in 2021?

I remember in 2010 when David Cameron became PM, he said, "We are going to bring Superfast Broadband in to every home in the capital. I remember thinking at the time, Why? I thought this is odd because not every home in the capital wanted SFBB and felt this was just a way of using public money to fulfil a corporate/industrial need.

But more especially there were large areas of the country that didn't have a basic GPS phone signal and this was a bit of a slap in the face to the people in those areas. I am sure we have all, at some time, been frustrated when we can't get a phone signal when we are out and about. Often in the area we are in there is a perfectly good signal, but not from the company with which we we are connected.

Now the electric and rail companies have a good system. One company is responsible for the infrastructure the over/under ground works, the supply if you like, and many other companies are responsible for "providing the service". Why cant that happen with the phone service. One company responsibly for the transmitter/receiver masts and all the others for "providing the service". Makes sense to me! What do you think?

Monday, 8 March 2021

That virus and the vaccine!

I am having trouble with this virus and the vaccine. I have had my letter asking me to make an appointment, and that's wonderful! and as soon as I get the answers to my questions I will make an appointment. However getting answers to questions of this nature is not easy. 

1. I am concerned about mixing antibodies I may already have from my first infection with the vaccine?

2. I am concerned about mixing antibodies I may already have from a second infection with the vaccine?

3. Given 1 & 2 is there a preferred vaccine?

4. If the second virus was not the same strain as the first will any vaccine be effective?

5. Why can I not be treated with Hydroxychloroquine? Following the political ousting of Trump, some doctors have started suggesting "It will work".

6. And finally what is the effectiveness of my own immune system?

These are all questions I have tried asking. I cannot get my own surgery to even pick up the phone, 119 a very extended diatribe from a recording  telling people that they will not answer these types of questions. The Internet is great at telling you how to prevent catching it.

I am not an anti-Vaxxer but I think it is only fair, given an A&E told me I had the virus back in February and a cancer specialist told me only a few weeks ago what I thought was flu over Christmas, was on the balances of probabilities Covid-19, that I should ask these questions.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Away for a little trip!

One is prepping for a trippette. I shall be setting off at the weekend heading to Gayton. I shall be travelling with my dear friend Mortimer Bones who is also on a trippette. She can only do weekends so I am baby sitting her boat during the week. 

Whilst at Gayton, if I can get in touch with a champion boat fitter of my acquaintance, I intend to a have kitchen refitted. I have had the boat for fifteen years now and the kitchen is getting a bit tired.

You may remember a few years ago I had the bathroom done, by the same chap as it happens! He did a splendid job of that so it would be folly not to use him again.

Tally Ho!

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Banbury Lift Bridge

For those of you who don't know I am at moored at Tooley's. I mention this because you will all start moving soon and some of you will head down to Banbury. I am moored right next to the lift bridge on the outside of the shell of a 1911 boat called KILSBY. 

This is an official mooring and I pay to be here so now that you know maybe we can come to an arrangement whereby you don't tell me I shouldn't be moored here and I wont tell you you need lessons! Yes I know its a bit tight, but I ask three things of you when you come through,

1. Which ever direction you are going, moor up on the bridge mooring, don't use me as a fender!

2. Don't come through the bridge from the lock side if there is a boat waiting on my side to come through. Its tight and you ain't good enough!

3. Please do not use your bow thruster to fend off my boat. What you have, given the limited depth of the water, is a hi-power sandblaster eroding my blacking. I will not be happy.

One important thing for you to know about the lift bridge is last year it was very stiff to wind up/down. They came and installed a new hydraulic ram and now it is even harder to wind up and down. Kids will find it very difficult. 

It seems the contractors who 'sorted the hydraulics' don't understand lift bridges. The give away was that when they were manually lifting the bridge for boats to pass under no one noticed it took three heavy guys on the beams to do the job. That's about 500lb. A lift bridge only needs to be balanced to about 20/30lb on the beam the same as it would be if it was a manual bridge.

What's really annoying is the CRT inspector who came to sign off on the job said it was OK. He didn't even have a windlass with him to test the bridge. When told about how hard it would be to lift for and older person they said it would "wear in" it hasn't! It has gotten worse If I had an hydraulic system that need to wear in that much I would be going to court.

Monday, 15 February 2021

Its been a while!

 Hi peeps, Its been a while but I have been poorly and busy.

About the 19th of December I had a meal in Oxford at the Chateau Chavagnon, I only managed one mouthful. That is unusual for me. On the Twentieth I took to my bed on the Good Ship 'Milly M' I decided to stay there as the old body was not functioning properly. I dosed my self with all sorts of potions and remained there for three weeks. During this time I lost nearly 2 stone. 

Now I am thinking it was the flu, but I am not discounting the Virus as I was told back in May I had had the virus during a visit to A&E to attend a fractured clavicle. I only rose to let Molly out on the wharf and to heat a can of soup. When I finally decided to get up and have a normal life it was somewhat difficult. The body was not willing! I would get up about 10 and by 12 I have used up all my available energy and needed to retire to my bed. This went on for a few weeks. Not funny I can tell you. In fact I still have a lay down for half an hour most days.

I have had my letter for my C-19 jab, but I have a question to ask and cannot get someone to answer. Before I have the vaccination I need to know if I have already had the virus and what effect it will have taking the jab. I don't think that is too much to ask but no one seem to want to pick up the phone let alone answer the question!

What to do?

I trust you are all as well as you could be, given these troubled times we seem to be in? 

However, I will come back trust me!