Monday, 15 February 2021

Its been a while!

 Hi peeps, Its been a while but I have been poorly and busy.

About the 19th of December I had a meal in Oxford at the Chateau Chavagnon, I only managed one mouthful. That is unusual for me. On the Twentieth I took to my bed on the Good Ship 'Milly M' I decided to stay there as the old body was not functioning properly. I dosed my self with all sorts of potions and remained there for three weeks. During this time I lost nearly 2 stone. 

Now I am thinking it was the flu, but I am not discounting the Virus as I was told back in May I had had the virus during a visit to A&E to attend a fractured clavicle. I only rose to let Molly out on the wharf and to heat a can of soup. When I finally decided to get up and have a normal life it was somewhat difficult. The body was not willing! I would get up about 10 and by 12 I have used up all my available energy and needed to retire to my bed. This went on for a few weeks. Not funny I can tell you. In fact I still have a lay down for half an hour most days.

I have had my letter for my C-19 jab, but I have a question to ask and cannot get someone to answer. Before I have the vaccination I need to know if I have already had the virus and what effect it will have taking the jab. I don't think that is too much to ask but no one seem to want to pick up the phone let alone answer the question!

What to do?

I trust you are all as well as you could be, given these troubled times we seem to be in? 

However, I will come back trust me!


111111111 said...

If you accept the vaccine offer, you will be asked a lot of questions when you attend the clinic / centre. You should then be able to voice your concerns, and get the right answers.
All the best

Carol said...

Sorry to hear that you've been ill Maffi, but hope that you'll be back to your usual health very soon. Can you get to a test centre somewhere close by to see if it was Covid that you've had and ask them about the effects of the vaccination if indeed it was covid and not flu? Stay safe.

Veggi said...

Mafias, I had a positive test at the beginning of November after helping my daughter move house, the virus had little effect on me or my wife, just a sore throat for a day. We have both had the jab, the Oxford one, and apart from a sore arm for a few days and a headache the day after there has been no other symptoms

Maffi said...

Vegias its Maffi. Try to look at the top of the page!

KevinTOO said...

So glad to know you're on the mend Maffi... you must be feeling better because you're getting grumpy again... LOL

Lisa said...

Hi Maffi,
An article in The Times yesterday about how having the vaccination has helped those suffering from Long Covid. Do you think you've had Covid twice?
My somewhat vunerable friend had it in December and was told to leave three weeks clear before she had the vaccination.
We both had it in November mildly but I was still taking naps for a good few weeks afterwards and now we have both had the jab too.

Good luck and good health to you,
Lisa & David