Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Away for a little trip!

One is prepping for a trippette. I shall be setting off at the weekend heading to Gayton. I shall be travelling with my dear friend Mortimer Bones who is also on a trippette. She can only do weekends so I am baby sitting her boat during the week. 

Whilst at Gayton, if I can get in touch with a champion boat fitter of my acquaintance, I intend to a have kitchen refitted. I have had the boat for fifteen years now and the kitchen is getting a bit tired.

You may remember a few years ago I had the bathroom done, by the same chap as it happens! He did a splendid job of that so it would be folly not to use him again.

Tally Ho!


Unknown said...

I remember that time we met up with you about midday at Northampton. we travelled on together to Billing Aquadrome.
Mike and Sue Perry, used to have nb.Blue Mist

Maffi said...

Hello Nice to hear from you both, By 'eck tha were a while ago. How are you both Keeping?