Wednesday, 14 April 2021

And away we went!

Well I completed my little tripette. I went all the way to Gayton and back. Not very far I agree, however the Good Lady Bones could only boat at weekends so I was there as security during the week. There was no illegal activity happening here One is allowed to move house. That is exactly what we did, move a narrowboat home to a new location. My part was also legal in that the person moving house can have assistance. MoI!

I took the trip to Gayton and others arrived to continue on to the new mooring. It's fab to have friends. 

The NB Bones on going to Braunston 'twould seem the fuel tank needed a good clean out. This was projected by the sudden stopping of the engine about two miles out. I towed her into berth near the marina. I find it odd that Mort Bones was glad that I towed her in! I couldn't possibly countenance leaving her where she stopped. I am a gentleman, so I am told, and I could not have been party to leaving her there in no mans land!

During the week the tank was cleaned and the boat readied for the weekend journey up the flight through the tunnel and down the Buckby flight, we finally stopping at Weedon (1 day) Stowe Hill (two days) and Gayton! We would wait at Gayton until the river was OK! 

 The return journey was FAB!