Wednesday, 26 May 2021

It seems heroes are 10 a penny.

Anyone know who this is?
It's strange how the British media haven't given him a mention. If you're interested...he is PC Keith Palmer. He was murdered on 22 March 2017, by a Muslim extremist. I find it strange that a guy who put his body on the line to save not only his colleagues, but innocent tourists who were nearby, hasn't even had one mention on mainstream news. RIP PC Palmer 😪 Copied from Avril Evans

Monday, 24 May 2021


The plans for the refurb of Kilsby are ongoing. This month it spent time in the dry dock getting a survey. The results were promising. 

Some members of the Oxford Canal Trust appeared last week to inspect the hull and discuss the next stage.

The hull is going back in to the dry dock in October to be 'slippered' to replace the wooden bottom with a steel shoe. 

The the back end, which seems not to be original is very poorly constructed, will be mostly replaced. 

The good news is the engine bearers are in excellent condition! 😂😂😂😂

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Did the fat lady sing!

And so Derek Chauvin was convicted as I had predicted. We can say he was guilty because a jury of his peers listened to all the arguments and determined on the evidence presented that he was guilty. No 'might be guilty', 'think he is guilty', or 'on the balance or probability' Just straight forward guilty.

Then out comes the story that one of the jurors a Brandon Mitchell said, after the trial, that he had been stopped a couple of dozen times by the police for no real reason. Now I may be a thicko, but how can that trial have been fair when at least one of the jurors was biased against the police!

He, the juror, also LIED about attending a BLM protest.  Chauvin's hope of appeal was boosted after picture emerges of Mitchell at BLM rally wearing 'Get Your Knee Off Our Necks' T-shirt despite telling court he'd never been on a march.

Brandon Mitchell was one of 12 jurors who convicted Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin of  the second-degree murder of George Floyd last month. Mitchell, a 31-year-old black man, was photographed on social media attending an August 28 protest in Washington, DC at which Floyd's relatives spoke. Mitchell is seen in the photograph wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Martin Luther King Jr and the words 'GET YOUR KNEE OFF OUR NECKS' and 'BLM'. He is also wearing a baseball cap embossed with 'Black Lives Matter'.
Mitchell acknowledged being at the event and that his uncle posted the photo, but claims he doesn't recall wearing or owning the shirt or cap. Mitchell said he answered 'no' to two questions about demonstrations on the questionnaire sent out before jury selection. Legal experts say the revelation will likely be brought up on appeal by Chauvin's attorney, Eric Nelson, who will argue his client was denied impartial jury.

We have at least one man who perjures himself and suffers severe memory loss. And he was supposed to be one of Chauvin's peers? How many more of the jury will come forward with similar stories!

So it ain't over yet!