Monday, 22 November 2021


If you know what a 'Metermaid' is you will also know they cost, new, from £160 - £400. If you don't know it looks like this:
It's an 'IP44' plug and socket each with a half metre of Arctic cable which is connected to an inline electric meter. The purpose of this device is to record your electricity consumption when connected to a power power post. You do this in order to be able to pay your electric bill when due.

So the way it works is one end is plugged into the supply and the other is connected to your shoreline cable. The one in the picture is £164. The £400 one replaced one of the short cables with 20 foot of artic cable hence the extra £200+😮😮😮

I'm sorry but this is a rip of, daylight robbery! There is an easier/cheaper way of achieving meter reading. Buy a meter, buy an enclosure, a length of cable and install! That's what I did. Total cost £35.

The only problem is that the mooring owner can't just come along and read the meter when he wants to unless you are around, but you can easily avoid that by emailing him a snapshot of the meter. Sorted. Job done!

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