Thursday, 30 December 2021


If you know Banbury you will know it is a very wet town/area. Despite the council spending millions on the flood defences, a few years back, little seems to have changed other than now they blame the canal.

When it rains up country a couple of days later the water ends up in the town. This Christmas just gone the water just overtopped the bank and was probably a contributory cause in the sinking of a narrow boat. 

The boat which had been listing for several weeks was securely tied with a center line (If you dont know, this is not a good practice). The raising of the water level simply held the boat down causing it to list more and holding its side vent in the engine bay under water.

Not as bad as this is the staff who are dispatched to lower the level of the canal to to stop this sort of thing happening. I am sure they dont realise just how shallow the canal actually is! Dropping the canal just 4 inches puts people on the bottom. Not paying attention and nodding off  in the van can easily drop the level 8-10 inches. They did this to me earlier in the year and most of my windows started leaking. The canal is not level fore and aft under the boat so when sitting on the bottom some areas of the baseplate are not supported.

This morning I was woken by a wine bottle rolling across the floor as someone had opened the paddles and dropped the level about 8". So after spending time picking up my stuff off the floor I went back to bed. By the time I awoke and hour or two later the boat was floating again.

Either CRT train their staff better in the responsibility of maintaining water levels or they dredge the canal! One or 'tother or both I'm not fussed, but it is not right to risk damaging peoples homes by failure to train staff!

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