Tuesday, 9 August 2022

On the Thames

Been a busy few months and I have lost track of blogging. Currently, we are in Kingston (not Jamaica) for a few days. District Enforcement are now in charge of the moorings and fees. As I have come to expect their website via PAY TO MOOR is not particularly user-friendly and I attempted several times to 'Register Arrival' to no avail. Needless to say the following morning one of their 'thugs' came to visit asking why I hadn't registered. Anyhoo the system worked that morning. The chap I spoke to on their messenger system said they had had a glitch over the weekend. WHY?

We ate out last night at Cote on the promenade near the bridge. Though it is signposted, people still insist on riding their cycles down the very crowded pathway! And why do joggers think it is okay to jog in this area? People are out at restaurants trying to enjoy a meal and/or a drink they should not have to put up with sweaty juggernauts thundering through the place, grunting and splashing all over the place, it's just not cricket! Don't get me started on electric scooters!

Today we are off on a 'boat trip' to Richmond. That'll be different!

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