Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Slightly embarrased.

Leaving Kingston I set off to Hampton Court where I found a mooring, several actually. On the way, I had that awful football rattle sound coming from the engine. Having changed a Drive Plate last year for that very reason I straight away recognised the sound. Throttling back until the noise stopped we were able to make way at about 1 mph. The next day we limped up to Sunbury. Where we stayed over the 24 hours allowed. During this time I contacted the supplier, Tooley's and their supplier Midland Chandlers who contacted the manufacturer R & D to discuss what happens next. Well, the weekend came and there is no one working over the weekend so I had to wait until Monday.

The Inverter tripped out during the night just coming to the end of a film. All the time on the Thames I had had no issues at all with battery charging, but the next few days the inverter tripped off halfway through the night. This was a concern but not as much as the Plate. Saturday we limped up to Walton
On Monday I decided to get the drive plate out ready for the arrival of the new item. Before starting, I did some belt-tightening and found the main alternator belt to be very slack. This I tightened and on starting the engine I could see everything in the electric department was well again. The funny thing was the rattling noise of the Plate was gone. I ran the engine a lot on Monday at differing speeds, a. to charge the batteries and b. to see if the noise came back, it didn't! Today we took a trip down towards Sunbury Lock and then up to Shepperton at normal Cruising speed, 4 mph, and never heard the problem again.

My question, were I to be asking questions at this point is, Why would a toothed rubber drive belt slipping on the pullies sound like a football rattle? Or as Susan says, like stirring a tin of 3" nails at high speed.

I am curious now about the plate I changed last year. Was it really necessary?

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