Saturday 5 November 2022


Suze and I had a great summer on the Thames. Though she only came for five weeks I spent nearly 3 months enjoying the sun.  There are places where you can spend days on the bank and never put on clothes. It's fab just lying in the sun and getting an all-over tan. 

We returned to the Oxford Canal at the end of summer and headed for Banbury for the Banbury Canal Day which was a great success for its first day after the Covid debacle.

Our plans for the winter were to moor in Thrupp, we had a winter mooring. We watered up late October in preparation for our journey to Thrupp and were expecting to head that way at the weekend hoping to arrive before the stoppages began. However, whilst we were watering I decided to empty my rubbish. On my return, Matt of Tooley's asked if I wanted a mooring. 

Now we love Tooley's and we love Matt. How could we say no! 

So for the foreseeable future, we will be mooring at Tooley's.

If you happen to pass by please stop. We will be only too glad to host your good selves to a few beers and sometimes a meal. We will be moving onto the wharf as soon as the current incumbent has been sold and moved, maybe end of November!


Anonymous said...

Glad you spent a wonderful summer on the Thames.
Banbury has so much to offer just a short walk from the canal.
Whereas Thrupp is more remote, so a wise choice for overwintering.
How's our Molly doing?
Ann Makemson. xx

Maffi said...

Hi Ann, How are things with you two? Molly is fine, we had a couple of scares but she is fine now. She will be 17 in January.

Anonymous said...

Hello, we are enjoying life at a leisurely pace atm, I'm taking things steady as I've had a bad back.
Glad to hear that Molly is ok and must be doing well considering her grrreat age. Take care, glad you will be in a convenient place for overwintering.
Ann Makemson xx