As I make my way around the system I often ask bar staff if I can photograph the glass in front of me for my web site. More often than not they will say "Yes, but let me just top it up a bit." Of course I am bolloxed by that. If it is not good enough to be pictured as it is on the bar then it was sold illegally!

I am so sick and tired of continually having to ask for what I pay for in our pubs that I think I will give up going. It will be no great loss to me.
RING 'O BELLS Marple £3.70
Toby Carvery Stoke-on-Trent £3.70 (When I saked if I could take a photo for my blog the girl said "Hang on a minute I will fill it up" This often happens).

CROSS KEYS Penkridge £3.30
 this is a 24 fluid oz glass and the pump dlivers a full pint.
The Red Lion Cropredy Earlr November 2012 £3.70

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